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Black Lives Matter is a reminder that our lives are just as important as those we encounter daily. It is a reminder for the many that have encountered police brutality, racial discrimination, and unequal treatment. Black Lives Matter is a reminder for those that lost their lives simply because of the color of their skin. All Lives Matter but we must remind you that Black Lives Matter too! The iNspire Journal Collection is a series of journals dedicated to the representation of African American writers throughout the arts. Series: iNspire Journal Collection (Book 6) Paperback: 154 pages Publisher: Independently published (November 6, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 173100334X ISBN-13: 978-1731003348 Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.4 x 9.2 inches


  1. Posted by benzjammin, — Reply

    Its a deceitful hypocritical marxists political movement that wants to keep racism alive in the worst way. Racism will never go away no matter what race or color. BLM fans the fire and exploits black people as victims. Wake up people!

  2. Posted by oliviamondragon804, — Reply

    Every color matters we all bleed red right lets just try and get along im so tired of this already lets just stick together and make our world beautiful please

  3. Posted by Maeplum22, — Reply

    Black lives have always mattered as soon as the law was made that they were equal this whole thing is BS cops kill white ppl to always some cops are bad but most of them are good and just want to help

  4. Posted by momosiwa, — Reply

    guys that one girl who has mona lisa as her profile and her name is RH or some shit, i messaged her and she ended up saying the n word with hard r. umm we don’t support that

  5. Posted by moodlemaddie828, — Reply

    Everybody matters no matter what race or what color and should all be treated equally. George Floyd’s name should be remembered. Same with all people of color who had been murdered by racist cops or just racist people. Black lives matter!

  6. Posted by mrpurra4me, — Reply

    Black lives matter, how about blacks stop killing each other? Or oops it doesn’t matter if you kill each other it only matters if someone white kills you?

  7. Posted by willyandfritzy, — Reply

    And just one more thing- NEVER, EVER think that you are too young or too old or too far a way or too much of anything else to make a difference. MAKE OUR WORLD BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  8. Posted by xjfdhtdhtxitxi5dit, — Reply

    hmmm gente, vocês sabem que esse punho é um simbolo comunista né?! que esse negócio é antigo e não tem nada haver com racismo? ou vocês estão usando esse simbolo sem nem saber o seu real significado? assim nada contra o comunismo, tô só falando ;-;

  9. Posted by willyandfritzy, — Reply

    Reef** The point is, everything, EVERYTHING, on this Earth matters. From plants to animals to human rights, everything deserves to live. Nothing on this planet, not trees or fish or humans, want to die.

  10. Posted by HotchsHoe, — Reply

    I’ve seen a lot of all life matters people here. The way you put all lives matter in a comment for a black lives matter movement shows you’re trying to take the attention away from them. Nobody says other lives don’t matter, they do, except we’re focused on black lives. If you cared about all lives you would help black people in a time of crisis

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